The consignment procedure step-by-step …

Getting in touch 

Please contact us initially via e-mail or call us. Our experts will then ask you targeted questions to make an initial assessment of the situation.

Estimation / acceptance of goods 

Our experts usually arrange an appointment with you at our company premises for the first assessment. The expert views the items and gives you a figure you could expect at auction. An agreement is now concluded for the auction, and you assign your consigned products to us at our next international auctions to be auctioned. 

In the case of large-scale and high-quality objects, it is also possible to take over the items at your place of resistance. Please understand that this complex service can only be offered if an order has been made.

Acceptance of your items for auction 

Our experts will then process the items in detail at this appointment, break this down meaningfully if necessary, and prepare it for the auction. Descriptions will be drafted and the exact starting price identified. Our experts have been active on the market for decades and set these starting prices based on their comprehensive experience. After this analysis, you will be sent a detailed schedule. Your items are insured by our company for the period in which they are held on the premises. 

Viewing / auction 

All consigned items can be viewed closely by our customers for around 1 ½ weeks, and on the day of the auction they are put up for bidding in a public auction in our company’s own auction room. Hundreds of bidders take part in these auctions, and you can also follow your auctioned items live after registering in advance accordingly. 

Should something remain unsold at the auction, we put the items in the so-called “After-Sale” for around four weeks, in order to achieve a higher success rate.

Payment of proceeds

30 days after the auction, you receive your settlement with the precise listing of the items sold, information on the successful accepted bids and calculation of the amount due. We pay the proceeds from the auction to the agreed account or by crossed check based on this account.